Welcome to the world wide exciting Santana Business Family . Santana tied up with India ? Japan Friendship Club , Osaka , Japan and India ? Japan Friendship Center , Orissa , India to expedite the global business opportunities .

A 24 hour round the clock helpline has been organized to extend its friendly help and support for any kind of enquiries , queries , problems , disadvantages , of the Japanese tourists in India & Indian tourists in Japan during their stay in either of the countries .

We hold exotic exhibitions, exquisite seminars and extensive meetings to encourage global participation of business tycoons.

We are pioneer in the field of hospitality business in India and Japan to create platforms for people ? to ? people contacts to harness the vast potential of bilateral relations between India and Japan .

We put the best of our yo-man service to encourage exporters\ importers of both the countries to facilitate the business opportunities in a Global sphere specialized on tools and machineries and engineering products. We are quite hopeful about our Educational Seminars and Concerts that may open up new opportunities for the younger generation to have their studies in either of the countries with specialization on Japanese language and I.T education.


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